About those things on the side of my head...

They are my ears. And I find them quite useful when taking pictures. Throughout my 25 years in commercial photography I have kept a simple philosophy: Listen carefully to clients, give them what they need, and then give them more.

As an artist, I truly believe you the client have much to contribute. So I try to hear more then just your words to pick up nuances that will make your image truly unique and effective.

As a businessman, I understand that you'll come to me with needs beyond photography. Deadlines, production issues, technical considerations, and budget pressures will all be satisfied with professionalism and the efficiency of the highest quality digital technology.

And when I say I'll give you more, I'm talking about the passion and enthusiasm I bring to each project. Through clear vision, technical expertise, and uncompromising attention to detail I'll deliver singular, compelling images that will bring your project to life.

With this philosophy I have developed many wonderful collaborative relationships which have lasted many years. I hope ours is next. So let's sit down and discuss your project. Simply call, or email me a layout. I look forward to hearing what you have to say.